I just wanted to show you these ^_^ I previous did a Puff Captain America based on your work here:

(deviantart link->) http://fav.me/d56c50u

And recently a woman commissioned me for 8 little ones:

(tumblr link->) http://akaisha0.tumblr.com/post/41235737550/puff-avengers-completed-by-tumblr-facebook

They were a lot of fun to make and I hope I get more opportunities in the future. I’ll be making a Loki for a dear friend of mine so I’ll be sure to show you him when he’s done too ^_^ Thank you for your amazing work!


Did you make these yourself???????AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made a pumpkin of your Loki Powerpuff! I feel like you should know that.



Hi tenaciouscorpse :D This is amazing!


Ello *waves*

I would like to say is Im so in love with your power puff avengers. My daughter is in 3rd grade this year , she loves your art as well. For a treat for her before we found your tumblr I was  sending little notes on index cards of drawings of her as a power puff girl. Your power puffs really help me do different poses and etc. I was wondering how you do the flash art so well, is it a program you need? I was going to make a flash for my daughter as her oc for her bday and just wanted to hear some tips .

PS my daughter wanted me to draw you this fanart

                               thanks ‘



hello Jill
i am very pleased to receive your message :D and thanks to you and your daughter for this cute fanart! i like it! another!!!XD)
i like to use easy gif animator (you can also choose your favourite programs. Flash 8 might be a good choice.) and the tips are very simple. first you can draw a set of frames and then make every frame into a gif. maybe you just need to look at the sample pictures below

the gif is

and the frames are

hope you can make it ;v;

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