Happy Chinese New Year !!!!

The Year 2014 is considered as the Year of the Horse as per the Chinese Zodiac Calendar which begins on January 31,2014. Hope you will bear the horse sign strive towards seeking freedom and happiness >w<!

i was born under the year of the horse btw :)

It’s my first time to do PPA works on iPhone & iPod Cases [x]

maybe i will try some t-shirts later ;w;

Happy Lantern Festival :3

Happy Lantern Festival :3

Happy Spring Festival!

福(Cap) brings you Happiness.

禄(Tony) brings you Affluence.

寿(Thor) brings you Longevity.

喜(Loki) brings you Joy and…a baby.

给上條隼的贴纸sample /w\
banana and plain milk 

给上條隼的贴纸sample /w\

banana and plain milk 

[FULL VERSION] Powerpuff Avengers Opening theme - PPA Bumper (by irosyan)

I finished it! ^^


Halloween Costumes Assemble