Anonymous asked: You're more active on Weibo than Tumblr, are you? I saw some pics you posted on Weibo but not Tumblr.

wut 0A0
i often post my stuffs on Tumblr, rarely reblog
but i reblog many posts on Weibo (Twitter-like, easily Tweet)

i guess maybe u saw some unfinished stuffs on Weibo? Once i finished it, i  will post it on tumblr. always. <3


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Anonymous asked: Are you just gonna make gifs & fanarts of the last movies you've watched? Not that there's anything wrong with it. Just wondering. P.s. I envy your blog, sorta.

just report my feelings in that way :3

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arkhamshero asked: So I saw your artwork on Rise of the Guardians, which is awesome as always. I was wondering how was the movie? We don't get it until Wednesday 😪

Although many of films have Christmas themes but,i think,guardians can also make a person surprizing :3 Each character has his own Humour, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences. But as a team,they have a lot of problems to face.

And their voice…oh god


u r kidding right&#160;?!?!??i meanthank youfor your sincere words maybe i should start a blog with original things from today :Di was just surprised i thought nobody would be interested&#8230;

u r kidding right ?!?!??

i mean

thank you

for your sincere words

maybe i should start a blog with original things from today :D
i was just surprised i thought nobody would be interested…

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I made a pumpkin of your Loki Powerpuff! I feel like you should know that.



Hi tenaciouscorpse :D This is amazing!


Anonymous asked: Hey! sorry to bother you, i love your halloween costume drawing , but quick question where are Clint pants ? Is he just wearing a scarf or am I really retarded ? Because I can't seem to see how he is dressed ... O.O


and Cupid's wings?

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Anonymous asked: How do you pronounce your username? Is it i-ro-syan or i-ros-yan?



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Anonymous asked: I love your powerpuff avengers stuff :D btw what is the name of the song that you used for the post with the loki snowglobe?

it is a episode of a funny movie, Stephen Chow played, that call for 国产凌凌漆(1994)
The name of the song is 徘徊(just like someone wanders up and down the road or hesitates something) 

uploaded it [x] :)

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